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When a room can shift one's state of mind, promote mental health, and inspire overall

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In 2012, I commenced a life-altering expedition by joining the interior designing world. Fueled by an unfaltering urge to design spaces that not only were eye-catching but also conjured up emotions. This way, my career started establishing. The main idea behind initiating this business was to exquisitely design a space that could leave an ever-lasting impact on everyone who stepped in. 

However, life had some other plans forthcoming for me. I was fortunate enough to have three beautiful children in my early twenties and motherhood promptly transformed my reality. It was, undoubtedly, a life-changing occurrence that challenged my current prime concerns and pushed me to pursue a career, more stable and flexible.

This central phase of my life moved me forward to diversify my expertise within the field of interior design. From the skill to choose furniture that complements the space flawlessly, to the creative skill to select appropriate flooring to the visionary process of revamping designs, I explored the numerous directions of this industry. It was not solely a professionally sustained activity but it was more a persistent quest for recognition and realization in the art of designing spaces.

The year 2019 struck as a milestone when I plunged into an absolutely new adventure; initiating my own interior design line of work. It was my domineer to coordinate my never-ending love for creating spaces with utmost commitment to foster my growing family. My profession is not merely a line of work but a manifestation of my whole voyage. It is a commendation to the exquisite chaos of motherhood and a steadfast dedication to design spaces that hold out against those of the time.

Our goal at Megan Paterson Interiors is indisputable - to create interiors that not only go beyond curtailments of time but also prove to be heart-rending for those who will experience them. At the, I am acquainted with the fact that designs are not merely about aesthetics but how they make you perceive them emotionally.

Here I will try my best to ensure that every area I meddle with, resonates with the ambiance of positivity and well-being. Welcome to a space where sentiments and designs coexist cordially and where every classic space is a demonstration of an enduring strength of motherhood, creative designs, and chasing dreams.


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