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Top 10 Trends of Interior Design Atlanta in 2024

Interior Design Atlanta

Discover the best services of interior design Atlanta in 2024. Transform your home with Megan Paterson Interiors. We bring style, functionality, and elegance to every space.

Want to restore your interiors for the upcoming new year? Here, Interior Design Atlanta is ready to help you make and represent the home that will fulfill your personality and design needs. 

As we head into 2024, Interior Design Atlanta is all set with the latest trends that highlight Southern charm and city lights’ modern style. 

Whether you want to make changes in your house or are looking to redesign your commercial area, our trends will inspire you and make you decorate your space with excitement. 

Interior Design Atlanta

10 Trends of Interior Design Atlanta in 2024

1. Luxury Wallpaper

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Like 2023 was all about patterns and boards, you’ll see wallpaper around in 2024. Luxury wallpaper comes with a smooth texture and several colors, and it adds details that help give a new look to your space. 

Next year, we predict that wallpaper with a fancy whirl and knotty trims will be the major trend that matches your furniture and other accessories. These experiments with colors and different styles will surely create a modern look that will represent homeowners’ style. 

We wish to see wallpaper murals return, not just limit them to nurseries and children’s playrooms. A mural highlighting the Italian countryside can transform your living room into something truly breathtaking. 

2. Monochromatic Rooms with Interior Design Atlanta

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Colors have three primary qualities: saturation, hue, and value. The hue highlights the color family, which is purple, yellow, and red. The value indicates the darkness and lightness of the color. The saturation refers to the color’s boldness. 

Whenever you plan to design a room, focus on the saturation of your color choice. Use desaturated tones to create a successful monochromatic space without becoming overwhelming. Muted colors are much less likely to overwhelm the vision or make the room appear smaller. 

3. Artisanal Pieces

In recent years, homeowners have become more interested in furniture and decor that are made of sustainable materials and procedures and found eco-friendly. 

Artisanal furniture showcases the creativity of making furniture and respects the traditional techniques used in it. Whether it’s handcrafted furniture frames, hand-woven rugs, or mixed-media artwork, owning a unique piece that evokes emotions feels special.

4. Moody Browns

The airy, Scandinavian interior is still in trend. However, we leave the trend at the top and introduce a deeper version to make it richer and more trendy.

The 2000s was the era of girly pop, whereas chocolate brown will be the colour to watch in 2024. This moody and inviting hue is warm, stylish, and flexible. You can mix hot cocoa brown with rusty terracotta, while a few highlights of mid-toned beiges will make a speakeasy-style living room. Combining a bark-like brown with hunter green and baby blue results in a fairytale bedroom recalling childhood dreams.

5. Asymmetry with Interior Design Atlanta

Design values symmetry, but excessive use can lead to a predictable and dull outcome. Choose asymmetry to create distinctive and attractive interiors

Artwork, whether small or large, does not need to be stuck in the middle of the wall; you can position it near the corner and elevate your bar cart area. Similarly, a unique lamp shouldn’t be fine in stores due to concerns about matching; consider having two diverse lamps for your bedside tables. 

6. Victorian Inspired Details

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Victorian designs and architecture came from the United Kingdom, too, in the mid-to-late 19th century. Overstatements, luxurious fabrics, and fancy patterns distinguish them. 

In the upcoming years, we will see a rise in intricate molding designs, ceiling structures, and textile patterns and fabrics. To effectively carry out this trend in your spaces, the usage of different texture fabrics and ambient lighting will be perfect. The important point is highlighting the small details and making them the stars of the show.

7. Custom Lighting

Simple and open lighting isn’t good. Custom lighting installations enhance the lighting scheme in each room, introducing depth and coziness that highlight your decor more effectively. In the current year, we predict that more homeowners will enhance their lighting setups to fit their needs and tastes. 

Designer’s Mark is popular for our variety of luxury lighting brands, which use art lighting installations to complement every area in your house. Ranging from ultra-modern to classic designs, you will have multiple styling options to blend the home decor with customized lights.

8. Checkerboard Textiles

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The checkerboard tiles have been a playful addition, from bar tables to side tables and even lamp bases. However, in 2024, this design is transforming into a domain of sophistication and luxury. The upcoming year will highlight a range of checkerboard kitchen floors, rugs, fabrics, and more. 

For those who prefer a more traditional aesthetic, a rug with a diagonal check pattern could be the perfect choice. This shift from squares to diamonds offers a fresh interpretation of the classic checkerboard, seamlessly blending contemporary motifs with a vintage setting.

9.  Chrome Accent Pieces

The chrome-style was once very famous in kitchen and bathroom designs. However, in 2024, silver designs will be more dominant in less functional areas like beds and lounges. More silver in your area will give a bold look, so go with round silhouettes to avoid it. The curved-edge interior will be a good option, too. Getting into chrome lighting means opting for warm white lights so the place will brighten up.

10. Statement Antiques with Interior Design Atlanta

Trendy and unique designs are now replacing traditional designs. The sole white interior is now transformed into statements that are less likely to be part of the room but somehow add a pleasant look to the environment. People are choosing their historical pieces and artwork to decorate their places. It doesn’t matter if the items are 100 years old or from ancient times; they add to the core part of the room and feature important areas and inspiration.

To accomplish such a style, you can combine modern and unique pieces with ancient ones. Finish the room with vintage lights and ornate rugs.

Things to Consider for Interior Design Atlanta in 2024

  • Lifestyle and Functionality  

The interior design reflects your lifestyle. So, while choosing the pieces, consider and focus your lifestyle concerning space, whether it matches entertainment or remote work. If you understand your lifestyle, it will be easier for you to utilize your space with style. Adding multifunctional furniture in a small area will ease you into space and allow you to do your remote job more efficiently.

  • Budget 

Your choice of objects will depend on your budget. Fix your budget and look over for objects that match your lifestyle. You can open Interior Design Atlanta to find the best pieces, from luxury to economical ones. Set your budget for each project. Your furniture, decor, and labor will cost you differently and setting a budget will help you make fruitful decisions.

  • Personal Style

The home is your reflection of your lifestyle. Whatever your lifestyle is, minimalist, cozy, or modern, opting for objects that make you feel comfortable will help you a lot. With Interior Design Atlanta you can add your personal touch, historical objects, and cultural pieces to give your place a homely feel.

  • Climate and Environment

The climate can affect lifestyle and, ultimately, interior choices. Therefore, choosing materials and objects that match Atlanta’s humidity and temperature will be a thoughtful choice. If you go with the wood floor and opt for breathable fabric, your lifestyle will be comfortable and long-lasting. Use windows or incorporate customized lighting to add a touch of natural light.

  • Sustainability 

Opting for a sustainable and eco-friendly design is a thoughtful option. Go with cost-effective products that use little energy and protect the environment. It will help you maintain a healthy and wealthy interior.

  1. Choose Color Scheme with Interior Design Atlanta

Choosing the right color scheme is essential for creating the desired ambience. Bold colors and patterns are trending in interior design in Atlanta for 2024, but it’s important to select hues that you’ll enjoy in the long term. Consider how different colors affect mood and space perception, and use them strategically throughout your home.

  • Quality over Quantity

If you wish to have long-lasting designs, go with quality investment. You can bulk objects in your room to make them pleasant, but you need to change them on a regular basis. Therefore, go with economical, durable pieces that last up to a year. Good-quality decor and furniture can be molded to fit every trend and style.

  • Professional Help with Interior Design Atlanta

Not everyone is good with colors and patterns. Therefore, hiring an interior designer will be worth it. Megan Paterson Interiors have expertise and knowledge of trends, which will save you money and time. Our consultation and product knowledge will help you make decisions and convert boring rooms into spacious ones. 

  • Future Needs

Never go with the products that you only need once. Invest in longer rum products that will help you in future, too. Whether you need to expand your family or host people, use the products that will make up the scenes and last longer. Invest in multi-functional designs and those that will meet your future needs.

  • Local Trends and Culture

Atlanta has a mix of charm, both southern and urban. To stay connected, adopt the local trends of the region and its cultural parts. Add local art, designs, historical objects, and modern pieces to make your place comfortable yet trendy.

How To Choose the Right Interior Design Elements for Your Atlanta Home?

If you want to make your place in Atlanta stylish and functional, you need to find the right interior designer. Interior Design Atlanta will help you in the long run and build a beautiful and comfortable home in all aspects.

Define Your Style

Understand your personal style before adding any statement. You can like minimalist and eclectic styles, so search websites and magazines to decorate your place. Get your inspiration from social apps like Pinterest and Instagram. Generate a mood board with colors, textures, and patterns, giving your space a unique look and a clear vision of your lifestyle.

Set a Budget

Fix your budget early. You will get what you want without overspending. Separate your projects, such as decor, furniture, and lights, and set a budget for each. With a clear budget, you will easily and promptly select quality material.

Consider Functionality

Add objects that match the functionality of the room. If you choose products that are not functional but serve the style, the design won’t benefit you. Invest in comfortable seating, durable fabric, and good lighting to use the best of space.

Assess the Space

Get the measurements of your room so you can choose the decor and furniture accordingly. Set the layout and structure of each room, then invest in the shape and design of each object within the room. This way, your room will look spacious and have a pleasant environment.

Choose a Color Palette

The right color palette will boost your mood and uplift the room’s structure. For a composed look, opt for a single-color theme for an overall house look. The combination of bold colors and patterns is trendy in Interior Design Atlanta 2024, which has all the hues that match your lifestyle and needs.

Prioritize Quality

High-quality decor and furniture will be a worthy investment. Although they may cost an extra amount, you can be assured that they are durable and worth the money. Invest in pieces with unique designs and strong construction.

Mix Textures and Materials

Mix textures with patterns in your interior designs to create a detailed and interesting look. Soft fabric with a hard surface, matte and gloss crossover, and nature with artificial will create a unique look. It will add depth and richness to your space.

Incorporate Local Elements

Add the local designs and styles of Atlanta to your place. Get the local art pieces, furniture, and other decor items. Southern charm will add grace, so add wooden materials to your space. Mixing modern and southern charm will give your place a unique look.

Plan for Lighting

Good lighting will brighten up your interior design elements. Add ambient or white light to create a sophisticated yet warm look. Natural light will also do wonders, but controlled light will give your space a more sophisticated look. Invest in stylish and functional lights with decorative pieces.

Consult a Professional

Hiring a professional interior designer when you are in doubt about picking objects for your home will be the best decision. 

Megan Paterson Interiors will let you stay connected with the trend as we handle such things on a regular basis. Furthermore, we will protect you from heavy costs and bad decisions at every step of design.

Stay on The Top of 2024 Interior Design Trends with Megan Paterson Interiors!

Every trend comes with time and ends. However, you can make every trend last by playing with colors, textures, and patterns, unless it makes your home look beautiful.

Megan Paterson Interior’s 2024 trends will help you lift up your room style and let go of your boring room set, which has a loose couch in it. Your room will be elegant and give a homely feel to every trend and setting.


In 2024, what trends will be at the top of interior design in Atlanta?

Atlanta Interior Designers hold sustainable trends, which include open concepts, smart integration, and bold colors and styles for your space. They make the space functional yet aesthetic by adding natural and modern elements to your room.

Can I add sustainable style to an Atlanta home?

Opt for natural and eco-friendly products if you want to give your interior a sustainable look. Focus on durable products, wooden structures, cost-effective appliances, energy-reserving electronics, and personalized lighting. Paint your home with a single theme so it will look minimal yet long-lasting.

Are there any specific color patterns for interior design in Atlanta in 2024?

From rich blues, bright oranges, and rich greens, you can make any of your favorite color themes for interior design in Atlanta 2024. Add intricate patterns and multiple textures with various elements to give your home an appealing look.

Can I convert my Atlanta home to a smart one?

Smart home looks can be achieved by installing smart lights, security devices, solar panels, and systems that you can easily control through your smartphone over voice commands. Get yourself smart applications like ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, and devices that ease your work and daily routine.

Is biophilic design famous in Atlanta? If yes, what is it?

Biophilic designs are very famous in Atlanta as they include nature and a minimal approach. Your interior structure becomes a source of connection with nature as the design includes the incorporation of plants and natural light into the space. The design reduces stress and adds style to your spaces.

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