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Best 26 Kitchen Design Trends in Atlanta Interior Designing 

Kitchen Design Trends

Stay ahead with the latest kitchen design trends. Discover innovative ideas, stylish decor, and functional solutions to create your dream kitchen.

The main thing of a house has always been a kitchen. We always prefer it to be more spacious and want to stay updated with kitchen design trends. It is used to cook, eat, and sometimes work too. If your family or you spend most of their time in the kitchen, then a renovation is a must.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen and looking for some top kitchen design trends, keep reading. In this article, we have listed the best kitchen design trends in Atlanta for your dream kitchen. 

Best 26 Kitchen Design Trends

  1. Pantry Units
Kitchen Design Trends

Get rid of disorganized kitchens. One of the best things a kitchen can have is a Pantry Unit. It is a great idea for your small storage and stock hold. It comes in different designs and alternatives. You might prefer a pull-out pantry unit, some walk-in area, or one pantry unit with a ladder. These different designs can give your kitchen a professional and diverse look. It is a time and space-saving solution with a pinch of creativity. 

  1. Appliance Garage

It’s time to say bye to the conjugated countertops with mixers and machines for easy access. The latest trend of appliance garages turns your kitchen into a clean and aesthetic space. These garages provide space for both large and small machines. Keep your kitchen clean. You can also customize the appliance garage or add a tall unit. Get this all however you like. 

  1. Love Your Islands

Now houses are all about trends and classiness with a modern touch. In the latest 2024 kitchen design trends, open spaces are more favored. From a simple countertop with a pantry, seating, and fit-in sink units. This makes your kitchen a culinary heaven. If you are in search of extra space or a multifunctional nook, islands would be the best choice.

  1. Cupboards For Water Purifiers

The great and fast-growing kitchen design trend is the under-sink unit for water purifiers. A new space and idea for easy access and a great look. Leave those tangled wires and leaks. Place your water purifier inside the under-sink cupboard. 

Connect each of the taps for filtered drinking and easy access to pure water for regular use. This ensures a safe, aesthetic, and trendy look for your kitchen. This innovation is going to make your life easy. 

  1. Quartz Platforms

When a homeowner is getting his kitchen ready, the most difficult thing is deciding what the countertop should look like. It takes ages to decide, and sometimes the decisions are not that great. But now, no, you don’t have to struggle with making choices anymore. 

Quartz has been the best-selling and everyone’s choice for the countertops. It requires low maintenance, which ensures its durability. Moreover, it comes in various designs, colors, and patterns. They offer hygiene and don’t work off for a long time. They are long-lasting as your best kitchen companion. 

  1. Wall Colors Neutral Tones

Want a bolder look, but in reality, neutral is better, are you stuck? In 2024, everyone focuses on making an inviting soft, neutral kitchen. Gentle colors with an aesthetic touch. Getting off the stress of choosing what colors would look smooth. Some colors make a huge difference. Beige, cream, gray, or white for walls is the best option. They provide an opening and accepting feeling. 

  1. Pop-Up Colors 

If you have walls with a smooth and calming effect, let your tiles shine. Give them a vibrant touch. The 2024 research shows that a kitchen with a backsplash and great energy tiles is better. Tiles often come in various designs, types, colors, and effects. Moroccan-style tiles can give your kitchen an uplifted look. Two-toned tiles make up to the point of masterpieces. 

  1. Handle Evolution

Don’t grab any handles now. Edge probes are everywhere. Gola designs are changing the world of kitchen design. They offer a wide range of great looks. A great style offers great details. A regular kitchen is a good choice, but modern ways enhance the functionality and appearance of your kitchen. They offer great innovation and transformation to your dream house kitchen. 

  1. Two Sinks In 2024 Kitchen Trends

The new kitchen design trend also includes two sinks, which helps increase storage options. Larger space makes kitchens look more organized and functional. Having two full kitchens doesn’t look nice and also consumes a lot of space. 

Instead, install two sinks. It makes work easy and accessible. One sink is the utility area, which is used for cleaning and drying the utensils. The other part of the sink serves as the basic version for cooking needs. This partition helps you have a cleaner kitchen. It has a modern approach to all culinary experiences. 

  1. Marble in Kitchen Design Trends 

Marble has always been the top choice due to its great texture and royal looks. Its elegance and charming beauty highlight the surroundings. Marble is highly popular among designers and kitchen enthusiasts. It gives your kitchen a high standard of luxury and creates an aesthetic contrast with all-around surroundings. It blends well with wood, metal-like faucets, and polished surfaces. Using marble and kitchen designs is a great choice. It has stylish qualities and comes on the top list of kitchen essentials. 

  1. Kitchen Design Trends With Wood Finishes

Wood is a great option for your kitchen to look more natural and peaceful. It would provide a feeling of serenity as a reminder of a great person. Also, wood provides a peaceful and calming effect to your modern kitchen with a twisted look. Throughout the fashion ages, finishing has come again as a modern twist to your kitchens. A few popular types of wood finishes, lighter than oak or walnut, can be stated. Wood is highly used in kitchen cabinets for a trendy look. Subtle- garnish ashwood pieces of furniture are some of the top quotes every kitchen enthusiast inspires.

  1. Color Pops in Kitchen Design Trends 

Introducing colors to your inexpensive, strayed forward simple furniture is a great way to make your kitchen bright and attract attention to your kitchen.  Each and every kitchen item, from appliances to walls and flooring, has color bound to bring life to your kitchen. Color pops are on the top list of kitchen trends of modern times, and they are also budget-friendly, making it easy for everyone to use and make their kitchen the best. A diverse range of colors can bring out what looks great in your kitchen, giving you a sophisticated and vibrant look. 

  1. Double Layout in Kitchen Design Trends 

Kitchen designers have always loved double islands and the classy and lavish look that comes with them. They are the future trends, too. If the budget is right, then you should consider including a double layout in your kitchen, notwithstanding the costs involved. Large open-plan kitchens would greatly benefit from having twin configurations, which may even be regarded as an integral aspect of them.

  1. Handless Design

Convenience and multitasking are the central themes of recent kitchen design trends. This ease of use is enhanced by handless designs, which allow for all multitasking activities thanks to their seamless form factor. Simplified aesthetics in kitchens render them more contemporary and classy, courtesy of hands-free devices while directing attention towards superior cabinetry finishes, among other things. Handle designs are being considered more trendy and are a factor for kitchen use. They are more easy to use and provide sufficient area to complete your work easily.

  1. Picture Perfect Pantries in Kitchen Design Trends 

Pantries continue to be a necessity in the kitchen because possessing them can make things easier and give the kitchen a certain elegance. That is why today, as ever before, pantries remain popular in kitchens as a thoroughfare from one meal to another or even living rooms. Thus, pantries offer numerous benefits, including allowing you to organize your groceries properly, thus saving your kitchen from looking like garbage, as well as providing space where you store all imperative things. To run a successful kitchen, there should be a place to store such necessary items as gadgets. Because pantries have made wall cupboards unnecessary, leaving many parts of the walls empty to customize their kitchen.

  1. Larders For Small Kitchens 

Clever storage has consistently been in and will remain stylish. These clever storage solutions are quite convenient and functional, so they will always remain evergreen. People whose kitchens are smaller in size need proper organization to enable the effective use of available space. Therefore, disorder can be avoided while keeping current chic. Several people use them to store their stationery because they are away from the office and working from home.

  1. Walnut Cabinetry

Walnut cabinetry, with its rich, dark color, truly brings out the essence of a kitchen. The natural warmth and fine grain attract the designers of both kitchens and furniture. This is why walnut cabinetry has become very fashionable nowadays, as it adds sophistication and luxury. In addition to the modern look, it also offers a sophisticated and classy look.

  1. Contrasting Backsplashes

While discussing recent trends in kitchen designs, contrasting backsplashes seem to be trending these days. Contrast provides a striking look to the kitchen. It adds sophistication and adornment level to the space. While coordinating with kitchen countertops, average backsplashes generate an overall decent look. Whereas, contrasting backsplash makes sure the room’s overall charm stands out extensively. In recent times, most interior designers have opted for contrast while choosing kitchen backsplashes along with paint colors due to the elegance and urbanity they provide. 

  1. The Curated Kitchen Design Trends 

Over the past few years, homemakers have been more convinced about curated kitchen design. The room’s design is carried away attentively with many visual pieces, like paintings, drawings, and decor items. Furthermore, by thoughtfully creating a masterpiece of kitchen design, our designs can make it way more fascinating and center of attraction. An assembled kitchen generates a lived-in outlook, it adds personality to the design, which gives it a more personalized kitchen feel. Curated designs are significant in providing peace and nostalgia, so people can be sure that it is the top-notch kitchen trend of recent times.

  1. In Built-In Drawers Kitchen Design Trends 

Although this idea is not very modern and has been newly discovered, in-drawer appliances have become famous in the past few years. In this modern age, people have started being extra peculiar about the ergonomics of kitchen space. Electronic appliances such as blenders and shakers in drawers grant a more appropriate way to work in the kitchen. Particularly for those people who don’t like to rush to every corner to grab things while working in the kitchen, the trend of pen shelves is more feasible and practical. Consequently, in-drawer appliances and open shelves in kitchens will keep trending in the future as well.

  1. Broken-Plan Living

The idea of broken-plan living became a trend during the pandemic. It came to the surface in recent times, consisting of house plants, screens, standing furniture, and cabinets for partition of specific areas within the same space. It is much more convenient and practical as the space is being used in the best possible way. This idea is a feasible and viable option for people who have less space and fewer rooms. It provides an illusion of being spacious. It generates a layer of organization and detachment and enables the people to do multiple tasks within that space.

  1. Wall To Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets are more functional for everyday use in kitchen space. Instead of rushing from place to place to get something, wall-to-wall cabinets make it easy to grab something within your reach. Not only this, but wall-mounted cabinets and even open shelves generate an effect of neatness. Due to less wasted space, you get ample space to work, and so many other things can be done in that space. This idea is best for a kitchen with a smaller space.

  1. White Kitchens

White furniture and room ambiance are ever so long-lasting because of the elegance and clarity of design it is incorporated with. That is why it does not seem surprising that white kitchens will be more famous from generation to generation, particularly in recent times. The white color is soothing, minimalistic, and neat, so the room will never seem dull with the right lights. These attributes are essential for such busy rooms. Furthermore, unlike other color options, which are difficult to replace, white is easily changeable and serene. With natural white stone counters and proper installation of lights, you can easily enhance the white color in such a space.

  1. Rustic Ideal For The Biggest Kitchens

Modern rustic designs provide a view of mountains and countryside areas within your kitchen space. It comprises natural elements and neutral hues with a moderately torn or crumbled feeling. These exquisite kitchen designs prove that any design can be carried out in a contemporary room, even a basic look. These are perfect for kitchens with bigger spaces because larger space provides you with a stronger sense of serenity and nature as if you are walking in a forest.

  1. Vinyl Flooring 

Vinyl floors are an elegant and practical flooring trend. In modern times, they are very much in demand. They come up with modern designs and an elegant vibe to the kitchen, as the natural wood designs highlight everything in its surroundings. In recent times, homemakers are more inclined towards designs close to nature and everyday functionality. Consequently, re-establishing the vinyl flooring trend, rather than laminated ones, gives an organic feeling and sense of tranquility.

  1. Contrasting Countertops

Contrasting backsplashes and countertops lay out a ground for sheer elegance and class. It makes the room space more striking. By using countertops in black and white hues, the overall look of the room can be changed to more elegant and sophisticated. On the other hand, mixing blue and red colors generates an evocative sense of liveliness in your kitchen. These new designs can go with any color as far as they are being used in contrast. It elevates your kitchen space with your sense of style and hints of your personality when implemented in your kitchen according to this latest trend.

Remodel Your Kitchen With Megan Paterson Interiors!

Redesigning your kitchen is a very exciting experience because you choose the features and designs that fit your everyday life to make it more versatile and trendy.

Furthermore, the urge to stay updated with modern trends which will remain famous in the future as well, is quite overwhelming.

Megan Paterson Interiors has multiple years of experience in curating and designing exquisite kitchens that have their impression. We are leading this industry in designing the latest and trendy spaces because they evolve and shift over time. We take pride in sharing these bewildering designs with homemakers to furnish them with the best choices for their desired kitchen space.

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