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Best 19 Laundry Room Remodel Ideas For 2024

Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Discover the best laundry room remodel ideas to transform your space into a stylish and functional area. Get started with Megan Paterson Interiors. 

Are you confused about Laundry Room Remodel Ideas? No matter the size, a separate laundry space in a house is no less than a luxury. It is absolutely convenient to toss in dirty, muddy clothes somewhere on busy days and amid work calls and sort the mess later. 

But if there is little space for washing and drying, people may face inconvenience by squeezing in. It can become a bit challenging to complete the chores efficiently and quickly in little space. Even organizing your cleaning and washing supplies can be a difficult task. 

Nonetheless, appropriate organizational tools can make designing an efficacious and neat laundry area possible. Implementing a storage solution smartly and selecting the appropriate appliances can expand the possibility of having an ideal laundry space. Go through the following top laundry room remodel ideas for 2024.

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Best 19 Laundry Room Remodel Ideas For 2024

  1. Maximize Vertical Space

One implied way to maximize storage in small rooms is to increase the height to the highest possible level. In laundry areas, not only are the dryer and washer heaped on each other, but the storage cabinets seem outstretched towards the ceiling to avoid wasting space, not even an inch.

  1. One-Wall Laundry Room in Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

This is a bit smaller laundry space that packs personality and storage into a layout with one wall. Butcher block designs DIY open shelves and countertops exceeding the front-loading dryer and washer. A narrow-gauged rolling unit provides extra storage space along with one machine. Penny tiles on the floor illustrate a pleasing message, while sage green color’s paint adjoins splashing colors to its ceiling.

  1. Organized Laundry Closet

Transform an underutilized closet into a laundry space equipped with everything you require. Appliances alongside each other escalate the span of the laundry area. An upraised countertop serves as surface storage for daily essentials or to hide baskets and other items underneath. An unconventional substitute for giant-size laundry baskets is woven bins that can be placed on dryers and washers. It can easily hold a heap of washed laundry, which is ready to be placed in wardrobes. Upper cabinets can be used to hide visual clutter, such as items that are less used. Installing an iron rod for hanging and drying clothes without being prominent. The use of wallpapers with subtle patterns in this space elevates the whole look. 

  1. Mudroom Laundry Room

If you have no space for a mudroom or laundry room, you can create a multifunctional area by combining the essential features of both. Wherever it is suitable in the vicinity of the house, select an area to establish a complete laundry space equipped with a utility sink. Try keeping it minimal and well-organized with the addition of a countertop above the machines to fold clean clothes and floating shelves to store supplies.

  1. Stack The Washer And Dryer

You know very well that height matters the most, particularly when you design a small but organized space. Make use of a stackable dryer and washer, and ensure cabinets are placed towards the ceiling from the floor. In this way, you can put up as many things in storage space as possible, and the bulk will still be hidden and organized.

Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

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  1. Laundry Room Floating Shelves

With the correct hookups, the laundry room can be designed in any area of your house. Keep it minimal by putting plywood above the dryer and washer to fold clothes and hang a few floating shelves to store supplies. Include a few warm and homelike decorative pieces and wallpaper patterns on walls to elevate the area.

  1. Mobile Laundry Room Storage in Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

A laundry closet can make it difficult to pick and store the supplies you use most often. Consider including a tired rolling cart to stock completely with those supplies so they are within your hand’s reach and more convenient to use. The addition of hooks to the sides is a good idea, as it allows for the attachment of one small ironing plank to be used quickly.

  1. Small Laundry Room Countertops

If you have a small laundry space, front-loading appliances can easily be stored neatly underneath windows. Waterfall wood countertops generate space to fold clothes and place laundry baskets properly at once. Space with closed cabinets provides hidden storage for stain removers, detergents, and other laundry supplies. 

  1. Hidden Washer And Dryer

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An oddly shaped and small room in your house is the most appropriate place for a dryer and washer. Place these appliances vertically into a heightened bay and decorate the remaining space in a manner so pleasing and lively that you tend to smile whenever you step into the space to finish the chores.

  1. Combined Bathroom And Laundry Room

Having a separate laundry room is a luxury, and it is not available in homes with small spaces. Here, the washing facility is conveniently embodied in the first-floor bathroom. Stacking the dryer and washer is feasible to save space, and open shelves are good for keeping laundry products and toiletries within reach.

  1. Converted Closet Laundry Room

This small laundry space occupies all the important supplies inside a standard 6-foot-wide closet. Front-loading washers are overspread with a butcher-block countertop placed in front of a two-drawer container. Above that, open shelves and a drying rack are set down the walls in working order.

  1. Mount The Ironing Board

Humongous ironing boards look clumsy and consume more space, particularly in smaller laundry spaces. If you are used to ironing clothes more often, nevertheless, give this a try to resolve your problems. In an open wall, tailor a shallow recess to mount the plank horizontally in it,then attach one cabinet door into it.Practically,it consumes less to no space, although it is user-friendly and feasible.

  1. Use Portable Storage 

If designing a hideout ironing space is not a suitable option for you, simply incline a plank towards a blank wall in your laundry space. It might seem outlying, but still accessible. On-wheel hampers can easily be rolled and gathered tightly into corners so you can have enough space for washing, drying, and folding clothes.

  1. Sunroom Laundry Area

A compact space is everything one needs to design a laundry room in the bright sunroom. Uplifted appliances safeguard the lively flooring, and wall-mounted shelves with mundane surfaces add storage space. Moreover, distinctively patterned wallpaper and painted motifs provide the space with an innovative flair, which can turn laundry into an amusing and lively experience.

  1. Double Up Appliances in Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Do you have never-ending piles of laundry to wash but a smaller space to work in? Take advantage of any of the longer walls by placing two dryers and washers at a time. It will be feasible to complete multiple loads within no time, and it will also maximize the oddly shaped space.

  1. Keep It Cohesive

You can achieve an elevated and well-organized look even in a small laundry space with limited storage space. Label coordinating storage baskets before placing them on countertops and shelves to sort supplies easily. Use high shelves for decor and aesthetic purposes, and display less-used items and a collection of vases.

Laundry Room Remodel Ideas
  1. Laundry Room Command Center

If the laundry room is considered the busiest space in your house, try to attach it to a family command center, particularly if it is situated in a crowded area. Simple blackboards to write reminders and memos can be placed beside cabinets to convey everyone important info about where and how to toss dirty laundry.

  1. Upgrade Appliances
  • Energy-Efficient Washer And Dryer

Investing in energy-efficient appliances helps reduce one’s environmental footprint and electricity bills.Opt for dryers and washing appliances that are highly efficient and have smart features that offer performance and convenience.

  • Stackable Units

Decide to buy stackable dryers and washing units for a smaller laundry space. They provide perks like extra floor space, folding stations, and the capacity to store supplies.

  • Pedestal Drawers

To elevate your appliances and gain extensive storage space,consider adding pedestal drawers underneath dryers and washing units. Such drawers are most appropriate for storing laundry essentials and supplies. 

  1. Enhance Lighting in Laundry Room Remodel Ideas
  • Task Lighting

Adequate lighting is important for a practical laundry space. Installing task lights under shelves and cabinets to lighten up the workspace is a great idea. The same can be done for the ironing and folding station.LED lights are one outstanding option in this regard.

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting generates a voxy and appealing ambiance inside the laundry area. To supply general illumination, opt for recessed lights or modern overhead fixtures.

  • Natural Lighting

If possible, maximize daylight by installing a skylight or windows. Natural light illuminates the space and gives it an airy and open vibe. 

Additional Considerations For Your Laundry Room Remodel

While redesigning your laundry space, a handful of tips and considerations may help you achieve a satisfying and fruitful result. Here is an extensive dive into features that can make your design even more practical, efficient, and modern.

  • Budget Planning

Before redesigning your model, allocate a clear budget for it. Take into consideration the cost,labor,appliances  and material and other possible expenses. Then prioritize the spending on appliances and features which will give the most efficiency and value at the end.

  • Space Utilization

Assess the space thoroughly and smartly and then draw up the plan accordingly. In small laundry spaces, give priority to space saving options such as stackable washing units and wall mounted space for storage. In larger laundry space,you can easily build on more features such as utility sinks and folding stations.

  • Ventilation

Adequate ventilation system is essential in a laundry space to prevent mildew and mold. Make sure to properly install  your dryer vent and opt for installing an exhaust fan  for improved air circulation.

  • Plumbing And Electrical Requirements

Monitor the already functioning electrical and plumbing setup to make sure they are ready to get along with new appliances and their features. There is a possibility to upgrade electrical and plumbing systems to meet the needs of new installations.

  • Durability And Maintenance

Select materials that are long-lasting and low maintenance. Laundry rooms are more prone to be wet and highly humid, so go for moisture-resistant floors, cabinets, and countertops.

  • Accessibility

While designing a laundry room, always keep in mind its ease of access. Make sure that all the appliances, work areas, and storage spaces are easy to access. Think about the features such as pull-out shelves, raised countertops for dryers, and washing units for easy access.

Tips from Megan Paterson Interiors For Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Laundry Room Remodel Ideas
  • Plan Your Layout for Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Create an extensive layout strategy before initiating the redesigning process. Keep in mind the order of work in the laundry and organize appliances logically and accordingly. This can streamline your laundry tasks and make the area more practical.

  • Add Personal Touches

Incarnate your personal touch into designs to turn the laundry room into a unique and welcoming space. This can include customized cabinets, personalized wall art, and ornamental hardware. Such details add character and make the laundry room enjoyable.

  • Use Vertical Spaces

Install tall shelves, cabinets, and hooks to extend the vertical space of laundry rooms. This is particularly feasible for small laundry rooms with limited floor space. Properly use walls for item storage like brooms, iron boards, washing and cleaning supplies.

  • Invest In Quality Appliances for Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

Invest in energy-efficient, high-end appliances, which can help save money and electricity bills for a longer period of time. This will eventually improve the utility of the laundry room. Opt for top-rated appliances with reliable warranties and features to save energy.

  • Incorporate Multi-Functional Furniture

Give thought to adding multi-functional furniture in the laundry room. For instance, a couch with storage inside can provide additional space other than seating. You can sort and store laundry essentials in it. A folding table can also be used as a folding station when required, and it can save space if used sparingly.

  • Lighting Matters

Adequate lighting is important in laundry rooms. Moreover, for task lighting, opt for installing accent lights to illuminate particular features or areas. A well-lit laundry room can make chores easy and create a more soothing ambiance. 

Hiring An Interior Designer in Atlanta; Megan Paterson Interiors

If you are planning a huge remodel or are unsure about utilizing the space properly, the best idea is to hire an interior designer. An interior designer provides professional perception, creative ideas, and a coherent layout that resonates with your requirements and style. We, at Megan Paterson Interiors, have the best Interior designers.

  • Expertise and Experience: Expert interior designers specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. These designers assist you in remodeling your laundry room without any mistakes.
  • Access to Resources: Interior designers have a variety of resources such as fixtures, materials, and finishes that are hard to find locally. They help you choose the best possible products that align with your design goals and budget.
  • Project Management: An interior designer can manage the whole remodeling project independently. Planning, designing, and installing can all be done by a single person, saving labor, time, and cost.
  • Personalized Design: Interior designers closely work with their clients to accommodate their needs and preferences. They create customized design and remodeling plans that reflect your laundry room’s needs and functionality.

While selecting interior designers, go for a person with extensive expertise in the remodeling of laundry rooms or any collateral project. Scrutinize their resumè, check reviews of previous clients, and make sure they resonate with your ideas, vision, and budget properly. A competent designer will pay attention to your suggestions and ideas and team up with you to create an ideal laundry room.

Revamp Your Laundry Room Remodel Ideas Today with Atlanta’s Premier Interior Design Ideas!

Laundry room remodeling can revamp a monotonous space into one functional and trendy area, enhancing the overall ambiance and efficiency of your home.  By taking into consideration the budget, ventilation, space, electrical and plumbing requirements, and longevity, you can shape a dextrous remodel. 

Using tips such as utilizing vertical space, efficacious layout planning, and investing in high-end appliances can improve the laundry room’s functionality. If you want to fix your gaze with professional assistance, recruiting a professional interior designer can provide resources, expertise, and project execution to bring a vision to life. With contemplative planning and implementation, the laundry room can be turned into your home’s most cozy and appealing space.

FAQs on Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

How can you decorate your laundry room?

Patterned wallpapers and paints can help make chores enjoyable. Fun signs, murals, posters, and wall art can elevate the laundry room layout of every design. Envision the storage boxes as decor items. Find baskets, hangers, and hins with amusing patterns and colors to breathe life into this space.

Where is the best place where can I put my laundry room?

You mostly change clothes in the bedroom, so laundry starts there. It is more feasible to have a laundry room near your bedroom so that dirty clothes can be easily tossed in where they are meant to be and clean laundry can be easily shifted to wardrobes or dressers.

What are the trending things in Laundry Room Remodel Ideas? 

Businesses are embracing eco-friendly implementations by utilizing energy-efficient appliances, biodegradable detergents, and water-saving technologies in laundry rooms.

Is remodeling a laundry room a bad investment or good investment?

The addition of yet another laundry room in the house can add practicality in certain situations, and yes for most homemakers, it is likely to be a valuable investment.

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