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13 Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas with  Atlanta Interior Designers

Discover top Atlanta interior designers to elevate your Master Bathroom. Transform your Master Bathroom with Megan Paterson Interiors in Atlanta.

Have you ever considered why architects and Atlanta Interior Designers emphasize making a master bathroom in your home? Even though you have enough bathrooms to accommodate all family members, the master bathroom should be your top priority. 

The master bathroom contains all the necessary amenities, such as a toilet, sink, bath, and shower, but in a wider space. For instance, it contains dual sinks instead of single, freestanding bathtubs and a hot shower area. These small touches make your master bathroom luxurious and elevating. 

The Times, however, claims in its recent publication that homeowners tend to build more bathrooms than usual. The reason is that homeowners are moving towards making house structures to accommodate more members, which results in increased popularity of suite bathrooms. 

Master bathrooms combine practicality with luxurious appeal. They give you a safe space to recharge and relax. If you are considering adding one master bathroom to your home, the following are some amazing remodeling ideas from Atlanta Interior Designers.

Atlanta Interior Designers

Top 13 Bathroom Remodeling Considerations with Atlanta Interior Designers

With our talented Atlanta interior designers, here are some effective, functional, and appealing master bathroom remodeling ideas. 

  1. Freestanding Tub
Atlanta Interior Designers

Bathing habits changed in the 19th century when the elite had enough money to afford private bathrooms. It was then that freestanding tubs were introduced to society. After the emergence of the American Dream and World War II, freestanding tubs became a necessity and luxury, especially for middle-class people.

In the late 19th century, the master bedroom and freestanding tub became the center of attention for being a civilized luxury place at home. A freestanding tub set with a customized stand elevates the layout of your whole bathroom. It balances your bathroom with rustic and modern touches while giving it timeless appeal. 

  1. Fan Timer Switches

Bathroom fans to remove all the steam from the bathroom. But it works only when you are in the bathroom. The moisture still remains in the atmosphere even after you leave. Therefore, introduce a fan timer switch in your master bathroom. 

This smart master bathroom idea eliminates moisture and prevents mold. The fan timer switch works based on the time you spend in the bathroom. If you stay longer for the shower, the fan also works longer. These advanced timers have delayed start features. This means they won’t start if you just come in to wash your hands and leave the bathroom. 

Most fan timer switches have default intervals of 5 to 60 minutes. Ask any Atlanta Interior Designers, they would recommend fan timer switches first to renovate your master bathroom. 

  1. Shower Speakers
Atlanta Interior Designers

Recently, in-ceiling, sleek shower speakers have replaced the suction-cup speakers. Suction cup speakers were known for their waterproof features and affordability. However, their sound quality is limited , and their batteries need replacement every now and then. 

On the other hand, voice assistance speakers connected with Google, Alexa, or Amazon are much more convenient. They are safe and provide homeowners with better sound quality in the master bathroom. 

  1. Walk-In Wet Room
Atlanta Interior Designers

Walk-in showers are similar to those in a regular bathroom but have a shower door. They are one of the best and most appealing ideas for master bathroom remodeling. 

A master bathroom with less space can be installed with a walk-in shower right in the corner of the area. It makes the whole bathroom much more accessible and wide. Add skylights and paint the walls white in your small bathrooms. 

With a larger master bathroom, you can install the walk-in shower in the center to give it a luxurious hotel look. Moreover, walk-in showers eliminate the lack of space and storage in small master bathrooms. Install a slight gradient away from the shower head, and you can store a variety of your amenities there easily. 

  1. Tiling The Main Wall with the Best Atlanta Interior Designers

At Megan Paterson Interiors, we have skilled and creative Atlanta interior designers. When it comes to master bathroom remodeling ideas, and tiling the focal walls would be the first thing they suggest. The overall look of the bathroom greatly depends on the textures and finishes you use. 

Tiles create an aesthetic contrast between your finishes and fixtures. Whether you have a white countertop, marble floor, or gold hardware, tiles enhance their appearance and make it more appealing. Add tiles, especially in the shower and bathroom vanity to create a balanced contrast between the whole bathroom look. 

Instead of being a necessary entity of the bathroom, tiles increase its overall value and elevate the modern look of your walls. 

  1. Storage Space and Floating Shelves

One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about their bathrooms is the lack of storage space. Whether you install cupboards above or beneath your sinks, they will never be enough to store all your necessary things. 

Instead of adding more cabinets, install floating shelves on your long bare walls. You can use them as extra storage space or just display your favorite art pieces. The most popular materials for floating shelves include wood and brass. They can easily fit on the free walls or above your toilet to utilize that free space. 

Moreover, floating shelves can be customizable, which ensures a perfect size, design, and look that goes well with your overall bathroom atmosphere.

  1. Vanity Drawers

Another efficient master bathroom remodeling idea is to introduce vanity drawers. Installing vanity drawers eliminates the need for additional wall switches or extension cables. Multiple outlets are available in the market with varied levels of sockets and power to accommodate USB and general plugs. 

The advanced drawer models have mechanical arms and thermostatic shut-off features to prevent wiring from sticking inside the drawer sliders.

Moreover, docking drawers neatly tidy the space and offer a fully functional master bathroom. Add outlets inside your vanity drawers. This ensures that you have an accessible charging solution and protects you from frequent unplugging and plugging tasks. Add drawer organizers to make your space better organized and tidy.

  1. Heated Floors

Heating flooring is an effective idea when considering remodeling your master bathroom. If you are already thinking of lifting the floor, heated flooring would be the best investment. It saves time, cost, and labor. 

Heated flooring consumes less energy, which automatically decreases energy bills. Moreover, it is much more comfortable and eye-catching than floor registers and vents. Both floor vents and registers use a radiant heat method to warm up the bathroom, objects, and people, which leads to greater energy consumption. 

A heated floor only warms the air to create a cozy environment. They don’t contain any visible cumbersome radiators and pipes, allowing you to explore more renovating ideas for your master bathroom.

  1. Heated Towel Rack

The heated towel rack is considered the most unpopular master bathroom renovation design idea. It proves to be a good companion, especially in winter. It offers extra storage space and keeps towels dry. It is crucial to always keep towels dry, especially in cold and humid weather, to prevent mold growth. 

Most importantly, heated towel racks come at an affordable price despite their efficient working. These racks add up the value of your master bathroom and elevate its overall design.

  1. Get A Bidet

The very first bidet was introduced in the 1600s in France and became popular in all of Europe till the 1900s. American bathrooms were never made for bidet because of their bathroom habits and bathroom layouts. Therefore, if you are considering renovating your master bathroom, a bidet should be on your list. 

Various healthcare professionals and researchers claim that bidets are hygienic and safe. They also reduce the use of paper toilets. There are multiple bidet options to choose from. Handheld bidets, bidet attachments, bidet seats, and integrated bidets with toilets are the most popular options. 

You can choose any bidet style according to your comfort level and bathroom layout. An integrated bidet offers a luxurious hotel look along with contemporary touches in your master bathroom. 

Many Atlanta Interior Designers claim bidets are the best option for installing your bathroom. No one, even in that world, could face a toilet paper shortage in their life. However, the pandemic proved everyone wrong and opened up a way to use bidets right away in your master bathroom to prevent further catastrophic events.

  1. Living Room Space

Sometimes, you have to think about the space outside the bathroom to get a dream master bathroom design. Reconsider the living space surrounding your bathroom. Consider creative options, whether you want to make your bathroom wider and larger or shorter. By removing a wall, you can ensure a creative layout of your master bathroom. 

If you do not have a master bathroom, you can use any enlarged space in your home and convert it into a master bathroom. Turning your hallways, closets, or gallery space into a master bathroom is a wise decision. It enhances the value of your house and blends the bathroom in the house as it is always there. 

  1. Spacing Efficiently with Atlanta Interior Designers

Bathtubs are not usually used as they should be as compared to showers. Instead of adding a new bathtub in your master bathroom, consider installing a walk-in shower. You can install the bathtub in any other bathroom. But for the master bathroom, go for much more comfortable and modern, and aesthetic options like a freestanding tub or walk-in shower. They add a civilized, luxurious look and make it much more elegant. 

Always be more efficient with the space. Make sure to think it through and create a plan for each spot and corner. For instance, consider the location of installing shower control. Traditionally, it is seen under the head of the shower, but in your case, it may not be a convenient place at all. Our Atlanta interior designers ensure to track all the spots and corners of your master bathroom and create a functional space plan.

  1. Space-Solving Solutions

Pocket doors can make bathrooms with limited and compact space more functional. They widen the entrance and help members go in and come out easily. Moreover, they also ensure a fully private structure for both toilets and bathrooms. 

10 Master Bathroom Re Design Ideas with Atlanta Interior Designers

Our team of Atlanta interior designers offers minimalistic and elegant design ideas for your master bedroom. Following are 10 creative, aesthetic, yet functional design ideas that enhance the overall look of your master bathroom.

  1. Blended Schemes

Modern master bathroom designs are busier and bolder. They combine vintage furniture, complex murals, and spa-like cozy tubs. Introduce Victorian baths with sleek alcoves, modern bright tiles, and smart lighting and technology. This will give your bathroom a modern and contemporary look.

  1. Fluted Doors And Shower Screens

Add fluting doors in the master bathroom. Multiple lights through fluting doors create an aesthetic texture and pattern on the door, wall, furniture, and surface. These versatile doors give off a contemporary look. The delicate shower screens give full privacy and ambiance in the master bathroom while bathing.

  1. Crittal-Style Shower Doors

You can also add crittal-style shower screens to your bathroom. These 20th-century gridscape shower screens give the bathroom a luxurious look. They are perfect, especially for walk-in showers. If you have a contemporary home design, a crittal-style shower door would be the perfect installation for your modern touches. 

  1. Bold Basins And Consoles

One of the best modern master bathroom design ideas is to replace your current white ceramic sinks with modern gold, Patel, or ripple rims. Modern basins made of concrete, glass, cast metal, and pressurized surfaces go perfectly well with the warm-tone interiors and curved lines. They completely blend with the overall aesthetic and interior of the master bathroom and elevate its design. 

  1. Marble Highlights

Use natural stone material to create focal walls in your master bathroom. Natural stone, like marble, creates a focal point and impacts the overall modern look of the bathroom. You can also add wood vanities in aesthetic shades like blue, pink, or green. Natural stone walls and furniture give a trendy and luxurious look and create a perfect layering design for the modern master bathroom.

  1. Soft Textiles 

Textiles do not themselves contribute to master bathroom design ideas. But they do contribute to the decor. The décor of the bathroom is as important as choosing the right color, texture, fixture, and furniture. 

Adding fabric blinds, curtain cupboards, and window curtains is becoming the latest sustainable trend in master bathroom design models. Soft, sheer, and flowy fabric is best for a window. You can also go for heavy-duty curtains with pallets as per your space and comfort levels.

  1. Japandi

Introduce a japandi style in your master bathroom ideas. Japandi belongs to a Scandinavian and Japanese style together. It mixes the modern lines with functional aesthetic ideas. The installation of neutral textures, tones, colors, and finishes is the latest japandi trend for the master bathroom design idea. It uses a minimalistic approach and gives comfort. 

  1. Furniture

The furniture style, color, and material play a crucial role in the overall design of the master bathroom ideas. Furniture must be aesthetic and functional. You can install vintage dressers, side tables for bathtubs, and chairs to enhance the functionality of the master bathroom. Moreover, they also increase the comfort level of the space. 

  1. Arches

The decor has become the most popular design part of the bathroom lately.  It has influenced designs and ideas of the master bathroom. It initiates an organic vibe to spaces through multiple ideas like arched mirrors, partition of shower glass  with arches and curves. Curves and arches refer to nature which has the same patterns rather than mere straight lines. Most of the home designs are rectilinear.installation of curves to this pattern creates a contrasting effect which boosts the dynamic and aesthetics of bathrooms.

  1. Asymmetrical Sink Placement

Non-centered sinks provide maximum space for product display and placement. Customers who are familiar with sinks having single pedestals adore these designs due to the auxiliary space they provide. Homeowners often style decorative objects, lamps, plants, and trays. To further increase counter space, undermount sinks can be installed in master bathrooms. 

Transform Your Space with Atlanta’s Premier Bathroom Remodel Experts!

The master bathroom remodeling and design ideas of 2024 are specially designed to accommodate the needs of specific types of bathroom users. You can follow the trends and create a whole new master bathroom based on these ideas, or you can follow the hints and create your own safe space that is both functional and speaks your style.

At Megan Paterson Interiors, we have the best team of Atlanta interior designers. They ensure that your master bathroom is fully functional and aesthetic. If you want to know more about trendy master bathroom design ideas, contact our team. We can make your dream bathroom a reality. 

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